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Chainlink Large Gold Hoops

Chainlink Large Gold Hoops

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These timeless & classic pieces have been carefully & thoughtfully curated from around the world, tested for longevity & durability by me, & hand picked for you to wear for years to come.

These pieces are not handmade by me. They are carefully designed and mindfully formed by skilled craftsmen and then sourced and curated by me, for you. Hypoallergenic and nickel free for even the most sensitive of ears to wear comfortably and confidently.


approximately 1.4 inches L x 1.4 inches W | 36mm L x 36mm W

Material: 18k gold plated

Care: While they are durable and long lasting, they are still made of precious metals that are semi-pliable.

Do not wear in bleach or chlorine treated swimming pools/hot tubs/showers, expose to corrosive/harmful chemicals, or store in places that can easily bend earring posts or cause damage to the earrings such as purses, bags, luggage, etc.

If hairspray or makeup buildup occurs, simply wipe them down with soapy water and a towel to remove buildup or use your simple at-home gold jewelry cleaners.

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