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honeybee clay

square roller with acrylic roller add-on

square roller with acrylic roller add-on

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These rollers are designed to greatly reduce the time that it takes to make painstaking checkerboard by hand! Each roller is designed to fit around your standard acrylic clay roller that most makers already have in their toolkit. If you are in need of an acrylic roller, check out our roller selections that come with an acrylic roller add-on!

These rollers are not designed to cut through thick slabs of clay. However, if you find yourself wishing to create thick checkerboard, you can simply use the rollers to make cutting guide lines.

I have posted a few tutorials on Instagram (@honeybeeclaymakershive) under Reels and under Highlights if you would like to see how the rollers could save you time as well!

*Some things to note: These rollers are made of UV resin. While UV resin is very strong and durable, its glass-like consistency means that chips/breaks/cracks are possible if the roller experiences stress such as drops, extreme heat/cold, two rollers colliding, etc. Please be aware of this fragility as we will be unable to provide a refund if your roller is damaged due to accidental or purposeful user error.



SM: 82mm

MED: 82mm

LG: 81mm



SM: 38m

MED: 37mm

LG: 38mm



SM: 6mm

MED: 9mm

LG: 11mm


Length: 6.5 in

Width: 0.5 in

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